No Time for Skeptics

Woman Unsure and Skeptical About Hypnotherapy

It would be foolish of me to believe I could start a company like this without encountering any judgment. I’ve been aware that others have opposing beliefs to mine since I started pursuing Hypnotherapy as a career. 

The truth is that there will always be people that think I’m ‘crazy’, ’smoking crack’ or into ‘hocus pocus’. – All things that have been said to me in real life. There may have been a time where I would have been eager to convince these people that this is actually a very viable modality, and if they took the time to look into it even a little bit, their opinion might change. 

I’m at the point now though, that I just don’t care anymore about convincing the skeptics. I can’t be bothered. Their opinion has no effect on how I view myself and no effect on the results that my clients are seeing.

I know that my services won’t be appealing to every person that comes across this website, which is understandable. I’m not here for those people. I’m here for the ones who are intrigued and think there might be something to this. I’m here for the ones who want to explore new ways of evolving their mindset. I’m here for the ones who already Meditate or incorporate Self-Hypnosis into their routine and want to stay committed to their path. I’m here for the ones who understand that it’s ok to change your beliefs about something when presented with new information. 

I guess that what I’m trying to say here, is that I believe in this modality so much, that there is nothing that anyone can say that will slow me down.  

I’ve experienced the results personally, and I’ve watched clients experience incredible results as well. The skeptics are allowed to think what they want, as am I. And I just happen to think they’re missing out on something wonderful. 

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