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Mind Over Everything was founded by Paula Oness, a Clinical Hypnotherapist since 2016 who’s interest in the subconscious mind would lead her to develop a service that harnesses its power.

For 10 years, Paula was consumed by a party lifestyle, working as a bartender with a propensity for drinking alcohol. She was gaining weight and losing satisfaction in life. Her story changed when she began to focus on her subconscious programming and explore different avenues of manifesting and attracting success.

As she does with her clients, she worked from point B to point A. Without any idea of where this journey would take her, she practiced the law of attraction while using self-hypnosis, visualizing herself as happy, healthy, and successful. From there it was like magic.

A shift in her energy made it easy to change old habits and live in a way that was in alignment with her ideal reality. The results were so significant and life-changing that she knew she was involved in something extraordinary. She began to have realizations about how to expand on her profession to effectively share this experience with others. This is how her devotion to Personalized Recordings began.

Paula has designed a unique format to create Personalized Recordings that combines a variety of proven methods to provide optimal results for her clients, while maintaining a clear standard of high quality.

Now, it is her mission in life to spread this practice with as many people as possible, whether it’s through spreading awareness of the effectiveness and teaching others how to use it themselves or working closely with clients to ensure results.

Paula believes that the applications of this practice are endless, and imagines a world where people step into their power and strive to build a better reality for themselves. She understands from personal experience how easy it can be once you have sufficient knowledge on the matter and believes that there’s never been a better time for humanity to embrace their potential. The name of the company is a testament to her belief in the significance of the subconscious mind.

Mind Over Everything is Paula’s contribution to a healthier, happier society, and she intends to make a positive impact with every client she has the pleasure of meeting.

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