Harness the Power of Your Mind

Embark on a journey of self-realization with a specialized approach to Subconscious Transformation. Leverage the power of Theta brain waves by combining Meditation, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Hypnosis techniques with the proven principles of the Law of Attraction. 

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Experience Transformational Mindset Shifts

Our Subconscious Programming dictates an estimated 95% of our behaviour and is the most malleable when our brain waves are slower and our thoughts are intentional. Decide the trajectory of your life and create new behavioural patterns while enjoying the pleasure of deep relaxation.

This method is ideal for:

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Ushering in a New Era of Mental Health

By focusing on the subconscious mind, we unlock an extraordinary gateway to personal development and self-realization. Through sharing informative content, working closely with individual clients, and facilitating Meditation sessions for businesses and organizations, I am dedicated to empowering others on their transformative journey towards mental health.

My Services

I offer a range of services to accommodate your needs. From personalized recordings to Hypnotherapy sessions, we’ll find what works best for you.

Personalized Recordings

Meet with me virtually to discuss your goals and I will create a highly Personalized Recording designed to update your Subconscious Programming as you sleep, or as you meditate. When your subconscious mind is the most malleable, I guide you to visualize and imagine your version of success, to create new neural pathways that imprint on your subconscious mind. The recording is yours to keep forever. 

In-Person Hypnotherapy Sessions

Personalized Recording may be paired with Hypnotherapy Session to overcome topics like anxiety, PTSD, addictions, depression, phobias, or anything believed to be related to past traumas. Hypnotherapy sessions use Regression Therapy to access subconscious memories and create a personalized recording related to the topic.

Virtual Hypnotherapy Sessions

Unlock subconscious memories through deep relaxation. Together, we’ll gently navigate the recesses of your mind, to uncover the sources of your challenges—whether it’s PTSD, addictions, phobias or more. This is a powerful process aimed at healing from the very roots of your struggles, from the convenience and comfort of your own space.

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Theta Brain Waves

What Makes them so Powerful? The Theta State. The Goldilocks state somewhere between awake and asleep. Between consciousness and unconsciousness. Where it’s easier to visualize,

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Starter Package

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