Control Your Breath = Control Your Mind

Why Breath Work is Important

Think of your breath as the bridge between your mind and body. When we experience stress or panic, our breath becomes shallow and rapid, whereas deep, slow breathing is associated with a relaxed and calm mind. Our breath serves as a reliable indicator of our emotional state.

Normally, our breathing operates on a subconscious level. We don’t need to constantly remember to breathe, and without our active participation, our breath will automatically change to complement our emotional state.  

The breath is fascinating because it’s a powerful somatic response that can be consciously controlled when we become mindful of it. 

We can’t force our hearts to beat slower. 

We can’t give ourselves goosebumps at will, 

We don’t decide when we get butterflies in our stomachs. 

But we can immediately change how we breathe when we want to. 

What’s really interesting about this – is that when we do make a conscious effort to change the rhythm and depth of our breath, we impact our emotional state.

By intentionally slowing and deepening our breath, we are signalling to our minds that we are relaxed and calm, and our thoughts tend to follow that direction. This makes breath work an excellent tool for when you are feeling stressed or anxious. The next time anxiety sets in, take some slow, deep, mindful breaths, and notice if you feel any immediate changes to your emotional state. It may be exactly what’s needed in order to restore balance and calmly navigate the situation you have found yourself in. 

It’s also great to remember your breath when you are intentionally relaxing. Mindful breathing should be a part of every meditation and self-hypnosis practice. By focusing on your breath, you are connecting with your body, and your anchor your awareness into the present moment, which is perfect for meditation and self-hypnosis.

By consciously regulating our breath, we can influence our physiological responses, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being. And thankfully, it requires very little effort! So take a deep breath, and see for yourself the effect it has on your inner peace. 

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