What is Slegtenian Hypnosis?

Born and raised in Belgian Congo before immigrating to Canada, Anny Slegten had a unique upbringing involving influential thinkers that shaped her beliefs on the human experience. With over 50 years of practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, her personal brand of Hypnosis is one that is rooted in the belief that we are Spiritual beings, who happen to be having a physical experience. As such, we must face our development from this perspective in order to obtain the best possible outcomes in our personal evolution.

Knowing from experience that the answer to any question lies within us, one of Anny Slegten’s unique qualities and methods is bringing subconscious knowledge to conscious awareness. She believes Hypnosis to be a “Gift from the Gods” and when used correctly, we have access to a part of us that is all knowing and divine.

Slegtenian Hypnosis emphasizes the importance of using the client’s specific vernacular, as a way to ensure that information is absorbed easily by the subconscious mind. Anny also teaches her students to combine Neuro-Linguistic Programming with Hypnosis techniques, to further strengthen the results.

Anny has a deep understanding of how the mind works, and has created a curriculum that teaches Hypnosis in all its forms and applications, leaving her students equipped with a variety of techniques and methods to ultimately provide the best results for their clients. Approaching 90 years of age now, Anny continues to teach her internationally reputable brand of Hypnotherapy at the Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta, and she continues to write books covering her mastery on the subject, all of which are available for purchase through Amazon.

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