5 Tips to Build a Ritual around your Meditation Practice

Woman Building Meditation Ritual in Calgary

I am a huge proponent of building a ritual around your Meditation/ Self-Hypnosis practice. Participating in a ritual makes it more of an involved process. When you engage in a series of actions that result in a desired event, over time – these actions will start to anchor in your ideal physical and mental state to carry out the desired event. It’s also the perfect opportunity to create an outward representation of your internal state, inviting a little more magic and enjoyment into your practice.

Here are my top 5 tips for creating a ritual around your Meditation practice, that over time will become habits that subconsciously anchor in the mindset that leads you to your desired event: 

1. Think Relaxation

This is a practice that benefits from mental and physical relaxation, so be mindful of this when building your ritual. Are there ways that you already like to relax? Consider building on to those. 

2. Indulge the Senses

Connecting with your senses brings your mind into the present. Use your ritual as an opportunity to bring your awareness into the present and to use different senses to anchor in a relaxed mindset. Ex: Dim the lights, light incense, drink tea, wear comfy clothes, listen to relaxing music. 

3. Make it Appealing

Create a comfortable space that you love to be in and have your ritual be a treat to participate in. This will make it enjoyable so you want to do it more often. 

4. Be authentic to yourself

Don’t like any of my suggestions? Don’t do them. YOU know yourself better than I ever will, so find a routine that works for you. If you find that you meditate best at a certain time or after a certain activity – build on to that. If you can only meditate while walking, do that. Use this as an opportunity to explore your preferences. 

5. Be consistent

Find what you like and keep doing it. Turn your ritual into a habit. This means that on days that you don’t feel like meditating as much, if you follow through with a couple of the ritual habits, then you are subconsciously preparing yourself to meditate.


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